By default 30 days of cloud storage is supplied with Aware, however this can be extended by purchasing additional licensing. It is possible to extend the retention period beyond that which the camera can store itself (in the case of a cloud camera, or what the cloud connector can store).

However, the cloud backup duration will start from the most recent recordings on the camera, rather than the oldest, and run concurrently with the camera's onboard storage. This means that if you have 30 days retention on the camera and 30 days of cloud backup, you will have a total of 30 days retention. 30 days retention on the camera plus 60 days cloud storage will get you 60 days retention in total.

It is not possible to use cloud backups to start from the end of the camera storage - as this is primarily a backup feature, the footage stored on the camera's SD card is always backed up to the cloud (if configured), which protects against loss of footage in case of e.g. SD card failure.