Ava Security strongly believes in the benefits of cloud deployments. As such, we are announcing that from the 31st of December 2022, Ava Security will no longer provide major software and features updates for standalone on-prem Aware deployments that have not migrated to the cloud. In addition, the Ava Cloud Gateway service that allows remote access to standalone on-prem Aware deployments will become unavailable. 

We strongly urge administrators of Ava Aware systems with non-cloud on-prem deployments to migrate to the Ava Aware Cloud system before the 31st of December. The migration process converts Ava Appliances to Ava Cloud Connectors, which will continue to benefit from continuous software updates with the latest features and support. Learn how to migrate your system to the cloud*. 

* Note: When migrating your system to the cloud, you will be assigned a new URL to access your Ava Aware Cloud deployment.


August 2020

End of sale for Ava Cloud Gateway service and Aware software for on-prem deployments

14 July 2022

EOL for Ava Cloud gateway service and Aware software for on-prem deployments

31 Dec 2022

Ava Cloud gateway service will become unavailable and Aware software for on-prem deployments will be end-of-life