Sometimes it may be necessary to connect to an Ava camera over USB-C, either for troubleshooting purposes or for initial setup, e.g. setting IP address.

First connect a cable from the camera's USB-C port to a PC running Windows or Linux. Macs are not supported at this time, although USB passthrough to a VM may be possible.

The IP address of the camera's USB port should be First try to access the web interface using this address, i.e. in the browser's address bar enter - this should bring up the camera's local web UI. If you can log in to this then you should be able to set IP config or download logs from htere.

If this does not work, then from Powershell/Terminal try to ping the camera;


If this is successful then it should be possible to ssh to the camera;

ssh admin@

You can set the IP from here, or else download logs following the guide to downloading logs over SSH.