Sometimes for troubleshooting purposes when it is not possible to pull logs from the local web UI or the cloud, Ava support may ask for a log bundle to be pulled using an SSH connection

First SSH to the server and log in. For cloud connectors in a hybrid deployment, you can find the credentials for the local login under system->(click on cloud connector)->view credentials. For an on-prem (non-cloud) server, normal admin credentials used for the web UI will work.

At the vplat# prompt, type;

vplat# log_bundle

Then disconnect from the ssh session by typing


You can then use an SCP client on your PC to transfer the resulting log bundle from the server to your PC - from a PowerShell window on Windows (or a terminal on Mac/Linux), type;

scp admin@ .

Where should be replaced with the IP address of the server. Don't forget the exta "." by itself on the end of the line. This should result in the log bundle being copied to the current working directory on your PC.