How to gather a HAR file from Chrome:

Engineer’s Note:

Please be advised – HAR files contain sensitive data such as credentials and cookies. Please be cautious when handling HAR files. Be sure to only share these via secure communication means with support professionals you know and trust.


  • Chrome browser
  • Access to Aware
  • Ability to recreate a problem

From time to time, a user may experience an issue or bug when using the web interface of Aware. In order to help troubleshoot these bugs when they are found, your support professional may ask that you collect a HAR file to track the interaction between Aware and your web browser. The procedures below describe the process to gather a HAR file.


  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser
  2. Open the Developer Tools by clicking on the icon in the top right that looks like 3 stacked dots, hovering over More Tools, and clicking on Developer Tools

  1. This can also often be accessed by pressing the F12 key while the browser is open



  1. The Developer Tools will open in a pane within the browser. Navigate to the Network tab, and ensure that the red recording icon is enabled – this indicates that the data being passed is being recorded



  1. Log in to Aware, and follow the procedure to replicate the issue
    1. Note that each time you interact with the interface, one or more entries appear in the Developer Tools
    2. Once you have successfully replicated the issue, right click on one of the entries in the Developer Tools, and select the option to Save all as HAR with content


As a best practice regarding cybersecurity hygiene, once this HAR file has been saved, be sure to log out of Aware (invalidating the cookies used for authentication). Also, you can open the HAR file using Notepad and search for any credentials that were passed during the collection of the HAR. It is advised to delete/ obfuscate these credentials from this file before sending. Again, be sure to use only secure means of sharing this file, and ONLY with a trusted support professional.