Using the self-signed built in certificate that comes with Vcore, you may experience the following on MacOS Catalina with Chrome:

It may also state NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID. In both cases, clicking Advanced will not allow you to Proceed.


This is due to some more stringent requirements in MacOS 10.15, which can be referenced here:

The current Vaion vcare self-sgigned certificates do not include the extension ExtendedKeyUsage, which is the reason for the connection error.


  • Use signed certificates which meet the requirements referenced in above Apple Tech article to avoid this issue, and avoid the need for this workaround

  • A simple workaround to allow access to the vcore UI is to type thisisunsafe while on this warning. Do NOT type into the browser address bar, but just simply type that while on this page, which will whitelist the site and ignore the warnings. Special care should be taken when using this workaround, to avoid whitelisting a site that should not be trusted.